Get ready for AWA Bangkok 2022 with Coinis Tips & Tricks

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Written by Neda Mijovic

Get ready for AWA Bangkok 2022 with Coinis Tips & Tricks

Affiliate World Conferences is the largest performance and e-commerce marketing event you’ll ever experience, gathering thousands of performance marketing professionals each time. It is being held in Dubai, Barcelona, and Bangkok.

I’m sure you are familiar with our adventures in Dubai and Barcelona. Since we’re not people who like to leave things unfinished, we’re closing the AW circle with AWA in Bangkok. 😉

What to Expect at AWA?

Based on our experience from Barcelona and Dubai, in Bangkok, we expect:

  • Little (to no) sleep
  • Industry leaders
  • Inspiring marketers
  • Old friends
  • New partnerships
  • A lot of fun

+ bonus jetlag 🙂

Besides jetlag, we cannot decide which part of the AW experience we like the most. Each time we listen to some of the brightest minds in the industry and meet representatives of the world’s top companies.

Stay up to date with everything by using the official AWA App available for Android and iOS users. If you already have it downloaded, wait for the update for the Bangkok edition. This year’s event will gather more than 4500 attendees from over 100 countries – that’s a lot of space for networking!

Since you have the app as a tool, use it to its best and post about your business activities regularly. Consider this the networking before the REAL networking at the event. It’s a great way to find new partners.

You should explore social media platforms and see what is going on before you come to the place of action. The most used #hashtags on social networks when it comes to the conference in Bangkok are #affiliateworld #AWasia, and you can take advantage of them to see who else is attending and what are the hot topics. 

Preparing Documents for the Trip

Travel insurance is essential because it covers risks during travel. For example, if you lose your passport or any of your personal belongings, travel insurance will help you cover the costs. In addition, it protects you in cases of a medical emergency, transportation, etc. Specificities depend on your insurance, so customize it according to your needs.

Statistically speaking, you probably won’t use it, but better safe than sorry.

Unless you’re one of the few lucky nationalities, you’ll need a visa to enter Thailand. But you can apply online here, and the process is pretty simple.

Starting October 1, Thailand no longer requires passengers to present COVID-19 documents like immunization records or negative test results upon entry.

What to Pack for AWA Bangkok?

The months of November through February are cooler in Thailand, with the lowest temperatures and rainfall. However, to foreigners, these temperatures will still feel hot.

You must protect yourself from harmful UVB rays, heat, and mosquitoes by wearing lightweight, long-sleeved tops and pants that cover your legs. A hat is also recommended.

Our team in Bangkok at the last AWA conference

Clothing made of cotton, linen, bamboo, or silk is more breathable and a better choice for this climate than other materials.

For the conference itself, think about comfort. We recommend a comfortable pair of sneakers since you’ll be standing and walking around A LOT.

AWA Bangkok – Booking Accommodation

At the time we’re writing this guide, the official AWA hotel has been sold out, but you’re still on time to find accommodation close to the venue.

Affiliate World Asia Bangkok has some recommendations for the closest hotels; you can choose among the option that suits your budget the best.

Check Airbnb or Booking for additional options.

Once You Arrive

Suvarnabhumi airport terminal is located about 30 kilometers east of Bangkok, half an hour from the city center. The most direct route is via the elevated freeway, which costs 70 Baht in tolls and 50 Baht in airport taxes, totaling approximately $4 in one direction.

You can also take a taxi, although this is a slightly more expensive and slower option since there are about 13 million vehicles in Bangkok, making traffic jams a daily standard.

Pro tip from the people who’ve been to many conferences: Aim to get a hotel close to the conference venue, so you can get there without much hassle and avoid all those traffic jams.

Where to Find Coinis on AWA Bangkok

You’ll find the floor plan with all the exhibitors in the official AWA app and on the website. This year’s edition enables you to search them by company type, location, or specialty, making lead hunting much more accessible than if you were roaming around. But if you prefer spontaneity, the venue will be well-marked, so you’ll find your way quickly.

Also, if you need more information regarding the AWA conference, you can find the necessary inputs on the FAQ page on the official website.

We had a great time at AWE in Barcelona 2022

You can find us at booth D03. We eagerly await to speak about our activities and discuss how we could cooperate to grow together.

This year’s topics that interest us the most are affiliate programs, solutions for publishers, general search monetization, and DSP Platforms.

And that’s not all! We are hosting a giveaway at our booth, and these are the prizes:
3rd prize – $500 deposit for our Advertiser platform
2nd prize –  $1000 deposit for our Advertiser platform
1st prize – new iPhone 14

All you need is your business card to participate!

If you need more reasons to visit us, keep reading. We offer a 15% bonus for your first deposit on our DSP! The maximum bonus amount is $150! Also, we are preparing some exciting games with interesting topics! There are so many reasons to network with the Coinis team!

Coinis team on this year’s AWA conference

Book a meeting with the team to give us some time to prepare for a chat with you. You can use this link to share more details about your activities. We’d love to hear them!

Get The Most Out of Networking

You already know what to do during the official conference hours, so I’d like to remind you that unofficial networking events are equally important for your business relationships. The conference program is full of activities, but so is the after-hours part. Be prepared for the craziest energy you’ve experienced lately, awesome parties, and a lot of unofficial networking. Nobody misses the AWA Bangkok parties, so make sure you’re there too!

We visited great networking parties at AWG Dubai this year

Save Some Time for Sightseeing

For years, Bangkok has been a mecca for tourists from all corners of the earth because it offers an unparalleled experience that is at once deeply traditional and modern touch. The city boasts world-class cuisine, breathtaking historical landmarks, and some of the most gracious hosts you’ll find anywhere.

One thing is sure – everyone will find something to their taste. The only mistake you can make is not spending at least a few days exploring it.

Find some time to explore the hidden treasures of the host country

Bangkok’s major historical and cultural tourist attractions include royal palaces, temples, and museums. Shopping and dining experiences offer a variety of choices and prices. The city is also famous for its nightlife scene.

So, start making that list of places you’d like to see!

Closing Words

Depending on where you come from, a trip to Bangkok + the conference value potential might seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, it’s all less scary than it looks now, and we’ve got you covered when it comes to the essential parts of your journey.

We would love to meet with you if you come to Bangkok, so make sure you stop by our booth, D03.

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