Maximizing Conversions with Push Notifications: Proven Techniques for Success

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Written by Cedomir Dragicevic

Maximizing Conversions with Push Notifications: Proven Techniques for Success

Push notifications are short messages you receive from a source of information you subscribed to. Easy as that, they are like friendly reminders that pop up on your device’s screen, delivering bite-sized updates or promotions from your favorite apps or websites, even when you’re not using them. They provide quick and timely information, keeping you in the loop and enticing you to take action with just a tap of your finger.

That was a quick definition and reminder that you can use them to promote your offers because of three reasons mainly: It’s short, it’s effective and it’s cheap!

Why Push Notifications?

Push notifications are really effective despite the rumours, simply because you reach the user directly via their device. There are several benefits from this popular ad format:

Instant Reach: Push notifications reach users instantly, with immediate visibility for your offers.

High Engagement: High open and click-through rates for push notifications let you quickly grab users’ attention.

Real-Time Testing: This enables data-driven decision-making by allowing you to run A/B tests and monitor user reactions in real-time.

Targeted Audiences: Segment your users based on interests, behavior, or location to deliver personalized offers. You can learn more about this option within Coinis here.

Cost of push notifications: with the right targeting, segmentation and creatives, push notification can deliver higher ROIs and result in long term if we compare them to other ads formats, since the avg price per click or CPM is a lot lower compared to let’s say Native or Display ads or any other format in the indutry.

High Volumes to Test Your Offers: for push you can easily test different type of offers and markets since Coinis has millions of users in our database for testing and monetizing. This is an advantage since the price gives you more room for testing purposes, rather than other, more expensive ad formats.

How to Convert Your Offers Using Push Notifications

In today’s fast-moving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage their audiences and drive conversions.

Push notifications have emerged as a powerful tool in this endeavor, offering a direct and personalized channel to connect with users.

When used strategically, push notifications can significantly enhance your conversion rates. There are three key areas we have to cover and understand in order to create a strategy that will drive your ROI through the roof and convert your offers:

1. Crafting Compelling Creatives

The visual and textual elements of your push notifications, often referred to as “creatives,” play a pivotal role in catching users’ attention and compelling them to take action.

Content is king, they don’t say this for nothing. Your copy should be one of the most important things, so keep it short, sweet and value-driven. If you clearly deliver your message you won’t be fighting for attention – use action-oriented language and don’t forget about urgency. Here’s how to make your creatives stand out:

Clear and Concise Copy: Craft a concise and convincing message that clearly communicates the value of your offer. Use action-oriented language that prompts users to act immediately.

good push notification etiquette

Eye-Catching Visuals: Incorporate attention-grabbing visuals that resonate with your brand identity and the offer itself. A well-designed image or icon can enhance the visual appeal of your notification.

Personalization: Tailor your creatives to each user’s preferences and behaviors. Utilize dynamic content to include different add ons like native language of the user, or creating a funnel where the ads fell more “personal”.

bad push notification etiquette

2. Understanding the Market

Before sending out push notifications, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of your target market. This involves:

Segmentation: Divide your campaigns and budget based on demographics, volumes, user behaviour etc. Sending highly targeted notifications to specific segments ensures that your offers align with users’ preferences and your budget. So for example your budget for US should be larger if your are testing a Antivirus offer, since the payouts are bigger, but also the market and volumes are huge if we compare them to smaller markets like Sweden. That is why our recommendation is often spliting these segments into seperate campaigns for long term results.

Timing: Research the optimal times to send notifications based on your target audience’s daily routines and habits. Timing your notifications right can significantly impact conversion rates.

Trends: We have to understand the trends of the market that we are targeting. Let’s say if we are targeting LATAM GEOs and South America we have to understand that currently there are many sporting events that people are focused on, so different betting and gabling offers would probably be the best fit.

Overall understanding what is actually happening on the marketing that you are targeting from volumes to trends is important when you ran any type of offers.

3. Analyzing User Behavior

An insightful understanding of user behavior empowers you to send push notifications that align with users’ actions and preferences. Here’s how to leverage user behavior for better conversion:

A/B Testing: Continuously experiment with different notification strategies, such as message wording, visuals, and timing. A/B testing allows you to refine your approach and identify the tactics that go with most with your audience.
We always have to strive for change and keep A/B testing different creatives. This is not only beneficial for our CTR (CR) and results but also for us to learn different users, markets and what they react to.

Feedback Loop: Pay attention to user responses and engagement metrics. Analyze which notifications result in higher click-through rates and conversions, and use this data to optimize your future campaigns.

Coinis Push Traffic Specifications You Should Know

Understanding Coinis push traffic specifications is vital so you know how your campaigns are going to convert. Coinis offers a user-friendly platform with a range of features designed to optimize your push notification campaigns and boost conversions. We have tested it all and we know what currently works best.

Coinis Push Traffic Specifications

With Coinis, you can enjoy the benefit of real-time analytics, allowing you to monitor the performance of your push notifications and make data-driven decisions to refine your strategy. We support both mobile and desktop push notifications and we ensure a broader reach for your target audience.

Coinis Push Traffic Segmentation Volume per GEO

There are advanced segmentation capabilities, helping you to target specific user groups based on interests, location, and behavior.

coinis push traffic adveriser platform

Whether you’re new to push notifications or an experienced marketer, we can provide you with tools and insights you need to succeed in the dynamic world of push notification advertising.

As for the average CPCs per country – this information varies from time to time and it all depends on both the traffic and the adveriser, so make sure you stay informed and updated with the latest CPCs by writing to us and we will make sure we update this as much as possible:

Average CPCs for Coinis Top Geos

Here are some verticals that work best with us: Antivirus offers, Utility Offers, and Sweepstake offers. We also made this blog for you to see which verticals we found the most interesting in 2023. There is always room for testing other verticals also.

These Offers Are Highly Popular Now with Push Notifications

Coinis push traffic is well known for it’s volumes and quality, but of course there are always offer that work better on some sources and publishers. If we would have to choose the best converting one, those would be utility offers like antiviruses and VPNs. And these is a good reason for that.

In an era where our lives are intricately intertwined with the digital realm, concerns about online security and privacy have never been more pronounced. Antivirus software acts as a shield against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. This necessity resonates with a wide range of internet users, making it a high-demand product.

Protect Your PC Push Notification

Similarly, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) address the growing need for online privacy and unrestricted access to content. As geo-restrictions and data privacy concerns become more prevalent, a VPN becomes an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to maintain anonymity and securely navigate the web.

Example of PI address Notification

These are just a few reasons why antivirus and VPN offers have a special place on the evolving psh market.

Antivirus and VPN verticals with Push Notifications

Antivirus and VPN verticals hold a unique and powerful position in the world of affiliate marketing. Their relevance, trust, tangible benefits, subscription-based model, and evolving nature contribute to their high-converting potential. By aligning your traffic with these sought-after utilities, you tap into the needs and concerns of a digitally-conscious audience, ultimately increasing your conversion rates and forging lasting customer relationships. For direct deals you can contact us via contact form.

Remember, successful affiliate marketing goes beyond just offering products; it’s about understanding your audience and presenting them with solutions that meet their needs.

For more examples, read the blog we suggested above.

How Do I Plugin and Start Buying Push Traffic with Coinis

Whether it is XML or JSON, we got you. The only thing from your side we need is the documentation and the rest is up to us. We will set up everything according to your preferences and you will be ready to compete with other advertisers in no time.

Our support team is always there to advise on if there are any other changes about the traffic or if there are any new trends ongoing along with the changes about volumes per GEO.

The More Direct Offers The Better The Payouts

In order to increase your payouts, you must work on getting more direct offers from advertisers. Working directly with the advertiser reduces the need for middlemen and improves your chances of getting greater commission rates.

Direct offers provide you greater bargaining options and a better understanding of the good or service you are trying to sell, allowing you to focus more on campaign optimization and connect with your target market. Direct communication with the advertiser gives you more control over your marketing initiatives, which boosts profits and makes the partnership as a whole more effective.

This is a great opportunity to start working with Coinis. We have our in-house offer which is on fire these days 🙂

Here are some specifications which would be interesting to you:

Offer: Shein Gift Card $750 – Coinis Internal Sweepstake
Targeted Market: US / Android only, Chrome mostly

Here are some creatives used by our affiliates:

shein notification offer

Contact us if you have traffic to run this offer.

Bonus Info: Don’t Mix up In-Page Push Notifications and Push Notifications

Although they may look the same, In-page push ads and push notifications differ in a few levels.

In-page push ads offer a non-intrusive advertising experience integrated within web content. Unlike traditional push notifications, they don’t require user opt-in and are compatible with all devices and browsers.

These ads are served similarly to banner ads, appearing as small clickable banners or boxes that blend with a website’s design. In-page push ads offer higher engagement rates because of their native appearance and allow for personalized user experiences based on data insights.

in-page push example

They possess wide audience reach and guarantee 100% viewability. While traditional pushes require opt-ins and can be disruptive, in-page pushes are more logical and subtle.

In terms of metrics, it the user activity is measured through impressions, click-through rates (CTR), and conversions. Impressions indicate how often the ad is displayed, CTR reflects the ratio of clicks to impressions, and conversions track desired actions after clicking the ad. Campaign setup is elucidated through terms like title, description, destination URL, and creative image, offering insights into creating effective ads. The costs for in-page push ads are detailed, with bidding starting at $0.003 per click and adjustments based on targeting combos.

The optimal industry verticals for in-page push ads are gambling, utilities, lead generation, and sports betting. Besides this adult content, sweepstakes, surveys, downloads, and dating.

Push Notification Conclusion

Push notifications present a great opportunity to test your offers and attract relevant traffic to your landing page. Don’t run away from push yet. You may maximise your offers’ conversions by generating inviting creatives, focusing on audience segmentation, and utilising real-time testing. Remember that the secret is to consistently learn from your data, adjust your plan, and provide your subscribers with useful and interesting content.

We have written a great blog about the best converting verticals with push notifications. Make sure you check it out.

Start putting these tactics into practise right away and watch your conversion rates rise! And guess what, we have an account manager to help you out with that, yes, a personal account manager. We are super famous for having a great support team. It is our goal that you grow with us 🙂 Register today!

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