Team Building – Greece 2023: Enjoying ‘Siga, Siga’ Lifestyle for Four Days!

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Written by Neda Djurisic

Team Building – Greece 2023: Enjoying ‘Siga, Siga’ Lifestyle for Four Days!

Benefits of Team Building Activities

Team building activities are extremely valuable to businesses in a variety of ways. First and foremost, they encourage employee solidarity and teamwork. Team members establish trust, improve communication, and improve their overall working relationships through participating in shared experiences and working towards similar goals.

Also, team building fosters a healthy and supportive work environment, increasing employee morale, engagement, and productivity and resulting in higher company success. 

Employees benefit from team building exercises because they enhance social contact and a sense of belonging. Engaging with colleagues outside of work encourages individuals to build meaningful relationships, which improves their overall well-being.

These activities generally involve pleasurable and fun experiences that help individuals to unwind and take a break from their everyday job routines. Team building improves mental health and emotional well-being by lowering stress levels.

Team building exercises also allow individuals to demonstrate their distinct abilities and talents, resulting in a greater understanding of each other’s skills and expertise, as well as building self confidence.

By addressing these distinct areas, team building exercises contribute to increased mental health, emotional well-being, and general job satisfaction among employees.

Team Buildings – Coinis Style

Since day one, team-building has been a practice within our company. However, we’ve taken it to the next level over the past few years. The ongoing positive feedback from our employees reaffirms that the team-building activities we have been organising are highly motivating and sincerely valued by all members of our company.

We started small and took it step by step with day outings or two-day excursions throughout our country.

As we progressed, we elevated our team-building endeavors, stepping up our game to provide more enriching and memorable experiences for our employees. So, then this happened….

coinis at team building in Antalya
Turkey, Antalya
Coinis at Team building in Italy
Italy, Sicily

Read more about our last year’s adventure in Sicily here.

But, the most recent one, and the one we’re here to talk about is…..

My Big Fat Greek Team building

Greece it is! But Why Greece?

In our company, there are more than a few philosophy enthusiasts, and often you can get advice in the form of a Stoic quote or some other wise words from our irreplaceable Marta! In this way, we were always fascinated by the rich history and culture of this country.

The chance to visit historic monuments such as Athens’ Acropolis was extremely appealing. Furthermore, Greece’s gorgeous scenery and breathtaking coastlines are particularly intriguing.

Additionally, the Greek people are legendary for their friendliness and kindness. Their genuine warmth and hospitality, combined with their zest for life create an inviting atmosphere unlike any other.

After Hard Work We Deserved a Beach Party

Our first day was spent mostly in transportation, but when we arrived in the evening – the party started. Before we arrived in Greece we actually had to work for a few hours! There were many errands to finish but we packed our laptops and continued during the flight – because we knew that we had an amazing thing planned for the evening!

We had a beach party! 80 individuals, a guitar, and a speaker – a recipe for a good time. On one hand, there were those engrossed in some serious conversations, while on the other hand, some were dancing, and a few even chose to bid the night farewell at a reasonable hour. Yeah, right, as though that was going to happen!

Our team is known for operating at their best with a minimum amount of sleep. Even though some may find it surprising, I personally think they should hand out awards for that. In my opinion, the capacity to function with little rest is an underappreciated skill that deserves recognition. To put it differently, sleep deprivation has become our team’s peculiar badge of honor these days.

coinis at team building

Roaming Through Greece

The second day was reserved for some good, old sightseeing. First stop: Corinth Canal. Boy, that was a beautiful sight!

We were lucky enough to witness boats passing through the canal, adding to the excitement. Our knowledgeable tour guide shared fascinating insights about the canal, and we made sure to capture some incredible photos before continuing our journey.

Also, we checked out Epidavros – the ancient acoustic theatre. Our team approves – the acoustic is great. Don’t ask how we’re so sure.

About an hour and a half bus ride later, we were in Nafplion. It’s a charming little coastal city located in the Peloponnese. We roamed around, had lunch, did a little shopping… Everyone was free to stroll throughout the city as they preferred.

However they spent their free time, we know one thing – everyone loved Nafplion!

For the evening, we had a traditional Greek night planned and waiting for us. We were seated at the local restaurant in Loutraki, where we stayed in a nice, 5-star hotel.

As a welcome, we’ve all been served a glass of their traditional drink, better known as Ouzo. The sound of laughter and chatter filled the air and we all joined in together, toasting “ΥΓΕΙΑ!” which was met with cheers and clinks of glasses. This was the perfect start to the night, and as we tried a couple of meals and watched the performers in their traditional wear, we were engulfed in a world of culture and traditions. The rhythmic beats and captivating dance moves had us on our feet, and we even tried to join in, laughing at our attempts. All in all, we enjoyed the chill night under a clear, summer sky.

Indeed, a fantastic night – delicious food, refreshing drinks, and great company, all enjoyed under a beautiful summer sky.

And, it was chill… that is, until the waiters started to bring out an infinite amount of plates. What are the plates for, you may ask? Well, for smashing, guys! Opa!

This part of the night was something else. We all enthusiastically participated in the tradition of smashing plates, dancing, and sharing laughter. It was an incredibly cool and memorable experience!

Did someone say afterparty? To the beach!

Cruising the Crystal Clear Waters

All aboard! We’re going on a cruise!

The third day was absolute bliss. We rented a huge boat and went on to explore the Greek waters. The scenery was mesmerising, the food delicious, and the sea – as blue as it gets.

After a little bit of cruising, we stopped in the middle of the sea, with the music still blasting, and dipped in the refreshing water. It looked like this:

Our next destination was the enchanting island of Spetses. Known for its picturesque beaches, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend a few hours there, relishing the sensation of sand between our toes.
There, we played volleyball and football and took some amazing photos!

Upon returning to Loutraki, we eagerly dressed up and prepared for our evening escapades. To our delight, we stumbled upon an incredible bar that exceeded our expectations, creating a vibrant party atmosphere. We were blown away by the experience that we had to come back to the same place on the fourth night. We couldn’t resist reliving the incredible time we had before.

The music was very versatile, from metal to pop – everyone could hear their favorite jam! The party was alive outside as well, where a couple of people played fun games all night like – guessing which ice cream flavour matched each person’s personality!

Stepping Back in Time: The Greek Antique

On our final day, we decided to give everyone the freedom to choose their preferred activity. We organised a tour to Athens and the Acropolis for those interested in exploring the historical landmarks and immersing themselves in the city’s rich heritage. On the other hand, the alternative was relaxing by the pool, enjoying a day at the beach, and basking in the sun’s warmth.

Most of our team went to Athens (operating at their best with a minimum amount of sleep – remember?), and they had an amazing time!

The well-rested part of the team waited for them by the pool, and together we headed to the bar mentioned above.

Before the party got wild, HR wanted to recognise certain people for their outstanding contributions to our journey. Therefore, some got the award for the best photo taken, some for being the life of the party, and some for capturing the most authentic moment during our team building!

Last night, just like we said earlier, we headed back to that awesome spot we visited the other night. This time, we got to pick our own music, and man, did we dance our hearts out to those legendary tunes! The staff was super friendly, the drinks were amazing, and we were just over the moon to be there.

With a mixture of excitement and sadness, tomorrow morning we all headed to the airport, leaving Greece behind. It came to an end in the blink of an eye, but the memories of Greece still linger in our minds. It’s true what they say – time flies when you’re having fun.

The beauty of Greece was truly spellbinding. Now, we eagerly await our next adventure and the opportunity to create more everlasting memories in a foreign land.

P.S. We must extend a heartfelt shoutout to our incredible photo/video team, who have faithfully accompanied us on our team-building journeys for the past three years. Their dedication ensures that we always have the finest collection of photos and videos, capturing our memorable moments in the best possible way. Don’t you agree?

Official video of our team building in Greece
Neda Djurisic

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