Useful Media Buying Tips & Tricks – Everything you should know!

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Written by Jovana Tomic

Useful Media Buying Tips & Tricks – Everything you should know!

Years of experience in the affiliate industry revealed valuable tips and tricks for media buying that we would love to share with you.

We must clarify media buying and how we can divide it.

Media buying is purchasing digital advertising spaces through the negotiation mechanism to find the most efficient ad placements. It means that media buyers negotiate ad inventory directly with publishers to find the cheapest and the best converting ad place for the specific product to be advertised.

On the other side, we have a programmatic buying process, where media buying is done through a DSP (Demand Side Platform). But, again, it is an automatical process, where the software that powers the DSPs is what runs the ads (banners, videos, etc.) and does its magic behind the scenes.

Programmatic buying is taking most of the market space, so direct advertising is slowly but securely dropping.

What Media Buying Consist Of?

Media buying can be split into three stages: Preparation, Execution, and Optimization.

1. Preparation

The preparation involves researching and arranging the advertising strategy, which means targeting the audience and determining the budget and the goal you want to achieve. Then, everything is done to find the best channel to buy ad space. 

2. Campaign Realization

At this point, ads are displayed to a targeted audience at a specified place, at a particular frequency. The media buyers track the performances of their ad campaigns. 

3. Optimization

After the campaigns’ performances are carefully analyzed, the optimization of the campaign is required if there is more space for generating more revenue from the targeted campaign. It is an ongoing process. 

Tips You Can Find Useful in Media Buying

We can all agree that in media buying, nothing comes overnight. This is because there are so many ups and downs before we learn to overcome obstacles and rely on our ability to succeed. 

So we made a list of the most valuable tips on how to skyrocket the profit of your campaign and make progress in the media buying industry, from beginners to pro level. 

Start Slowly

Do not expand the investment of time and money on many categories, verticals, or markets in general. You need to be focused. That is the only way you can expect to reveal the best sources, GEOs, verticals, etc., and gain profit. 

The best way to start is to become an affiliate program member to get a dedicated account manager who will help you get to know the industry trends. That is how you can start getting involved in the affiliate marketing world securely. After that, you will for sure rise slowly but steadily. 

Use the Support of your AM

You can always start by reading articles and blogs from affiliate marketing experts to get an insight into the industry’s top offers, traffic sources, verticals, or GEOs. 

Then, it would be wise to use the help of an Account Manager.

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You can get a profound explanation regarding traffic and other insightful data you are potentially unfamiliar with. AM will analyze your traffic thoroughly and come up with remarkably detailed conclusions that’ll enlighten you.

Start with Lower Payout Offers 

As a beginner, do not think that you will make a fortune if you start with highly payout offers. Well-paid offers do not necessarily mean that you found the hidden treasure. 

So make the first steps smarter once to get the touch of a media buying world. So always start with GEOs where the traffic is cheaper.

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You wonder why? Because those well-paid offers are related to tier 1 countries, traffic for those countries is more expensive. Therefore, the impression is more valuable, which means the payout will be higher too.

So, do not start with these offers. Take small steps.  

Then you will grow steadily and smartly.

Give Your Campaign Time and Then Optimize

In the beginning, you can not expect your campaigns to boost overnight. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up f you do not accomplish your goals at once. That means that the learning process is constant, and you need patience. 

Your campaign probably won’t be profitable, but that is just fine. When some testing period expires (at least seven days of running the offer), then you can take action. It would be best if you considered adjusting your campaign to make it more profitable, to eliminate all the wrongs. But always remember that you do not need to rush at the beginning. Track the performance of the campaign in a way that you can see all the mistakes you have made, so you would not repeat them.

Campaign Testing

You’re mistaken if you think the massive number of campaigns will get you to the point. You are getting into a situation that could be dangerous for your budget spending and the impossibility of tracking potential mistakes you have made with your campaigns. Instead, focus on a lower number of the campaigns, and observe the behavior of those better and worse performing once to see what makes the conversion rates higher or lower. 

If you make too many campaigns, you are getting into the problem of failing to compare the performances of each one of them and get the vital conclusion on the campaign performances. 

We can all agree that the success of the campaigns depends on continuous testing to optimize your product, target your audience better, and find the optimal way to reach them. 

Choose the Traffic Type Smartly

When creating a campaign, you need to know the main thing: stick to the one type of traffic and do not mix mobile and desktop traffic, for example. 

It would help if you thought about the behavior of the audience that uses different types of devices. For example, it is more likely that mobile users will have shorter attention than those using desktop devices. 

Also, do not combine the traffic type to boost volumes. This is because the creatives need to be different for this type of device, bids, and conversion rates.

Use a Tracking Platform

Tracking is one of the most important things in affiliate marketing. If you want to track performances and do the optimization, this optimization needs to be based on detailed information.

Tracking software will offer you many possibilities to follow the performances of the campaign you have created, like GEOs, creatives, Operating Systems, Browsers, Age targeting, etc. 

On the Coinis platform, you can track the report feature in real-time. That means you will instantly have insight into your campaign’s success and what you have to optimize to make it even more cost-effective than it is already.

You measure your campaign’s CTR (click-through rate), conversion rate, spent, and other essential parameters. 

Coinis platform allows you to take action for each campaign, track statistics, edit it, pause it if you decide to take that action, and activate it once you continue running that campaign. 

If you want to learn more about campaign optimization, read our blog on how to optimize your campaign correctly.

Track the competition activities 

We advise you to take a look at the competition and what is their approach when it comes to media buying. This will help you make the difference between competitive intelligence and nonrelevant information. But, of course, you do not just follow their activities and practices. First, you are testing your ad space, trying on new things, testing better, pivoting faster, and driving more traffic and conversions for your activities.

Prepare Smart Bidding Strategy

When you prepare an intelligent bidding strategy, you are working on saving your money but still making a significant role and effort in achieving your goals in this industry. 

This system allows you to play with the same traffic you’d have while using a fixed bidding system.

Importance of Volumes, Bids, and CTRs

To create a successful campaign, you need to understand the correlation between some aspects of the campaign components. 

That is why you need to get familiar with click-through rate (CTR), real-time bid (RTB), traffic volume, and scenarios that correlation between them can make:

1. The simultaneous increase of the CTR, RTB, and traffic volume is the expected outcome when the impression level increases, which means you will get higher quality traffic.

2. CTR goes down, but RTB and traffic volume go up – this is when you need to do better targeting, as your competition at this point outbid you.

3. Traffic volume and CTR goes up, and RTB stays the same – this is a winning situation for you, as the competition with the highest bid gave up on the auction. 

4. And the last scenario means that all three parameters go down– you have to improve bids for the same traffic quality so that ads could perform better. 

You Have to Work on Brand Safety

When something goes wrong with the media buying process, brand reputation can go wrong, and that is when we figure out that safety is a leading challenge in media buying. That is why today is significant to consider a brand-safe environment. 

A Few EXTRA Media Buying Tips For The End

It is not recommended to mix strategies of the campaign in media buying. On the contrary, you should stick to one coordinated tactic that makes your campaigns profitable. You will not just lose your money. You will as well lose your time and strength on an unsuccessful campaign. 

Be aware of the situation offered to you when you begin creating the campaign. For example, if you want your product advertised on the best ad placements, you have to pay for it. You will not get a good media position without spending some money. There can be an offer fee that is too good to be true – because it will probably be untrue. 

That is why, at the same time, it is vital to choose with whom you will work carefully. 

Test Coinis Platform

Coinis offers you the DSP platform (Demand side platform) available for you to do your media advertising. 

Deliver your product through Coinis directory of premium publishing sites and media outlets across the globe, targeting the right users at a suitable time, using various channels and ad formats. In addition, we are offering push notification and contextual ads, our highly engaging campaign formats.  

With Coinis easy manageable platform, you will be able to get to know your audience and supply them with relevant content and a great customer experience.

Ads will appear to the user just in time when they are looking for some product similar to yours. And you can do that with control over your budget – set a monthly spend, pause or adjust your spending anytime. You are only paying when somebody clicks on your ad. 

Improve your campaign performance using intelligent ad platform capabilities and join thousands of satisfied global advertisers who have committed their trust to our DSP. 

Why Choose Coinis?

It is because Coinis teams care for your success! But either way, we will list the top reasons for you to test our services and platforms: 

  • Brand-Safe Advertising
  • In-house Platform
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Great Customer Experience
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Global Coverage
  • Automation Rules
  • Great support team!

We think that there are so many reasons for you to try our platform and see for yourself the advantages of using it.

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