How to create local lists?

We spoke about creating a global blacklist and what it does, but now it’s time to explain how to create local lists and what to do with them.

What are local lists?

Local lists are lists that you can create, and you can apply to any campaigns that you want. It can be a whitelist or a blacklist – it depends entirely on you.

Example: Let’s say you create two lists, one is a blacklist, and the other one is a whitelist. The blacklist is called “Coinis BL”, and the whitelist is called “Coinis WL”.

You want to create several whitelist campaigns with the sources included in Coinis WL. You don’t need to add those sources separately – all you need to do is to apply “Coinis WL” to each of those campaigns.

The same goes for a blacklist.

How to create a local list?

To create a local list, go to the “Lists” page.

There, you will see this. We already spoke about global blacklists, so we will not discuss it now. You can see that article here.

At the moment, we do not have any lists created. To create a list, just press “Add New List”.

First, add the list name. Let’s say we are creating a list of good sources we want to use for whitelisting. Let’s name it “Coinis Whitelist”.

It would look like this. When you are done, hit “Create New List”.

The list is created and ready to use.

Now, let’s create one more list, which will be called “Coinis Blacklist”.

We have two lists that we can start applying to campaigns.

To see how to apply these lists to campaigns, click here.

Edit lists

To edit list, just hit a small button with a pen icon.

From here, you can add sources, remove sources and change the name of the list. Also, when applied to campaigns, you will see to which campaigns it is applied.

Add a local list to the campaign

To add a local list to the campaign just go to Edit Campaign and scroll down to the SubID & Placements Section. There, you will see this:

In the first field you can enter all local lists you want to apply on this campaign. In the second field, you can select individual sources you want to exclude/include from this specific campaign.

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