How will changing the bids affect your sources bids?

So, after you optimized bids per source, you might want to change the general price on the campaign at one point.

Let’s give an example: Your campaign is profitable, and you see the potential in all the sources, so you want to raise a bid for your campaign.

If your campaign has a bid of $0.1 and you raise it up to $0.2, all the sources you have previously modified will be modified accordingly by the platform itself.


For example, if we have a source that has been raised for 33%, like in this example, that source will have a 33% higher price than your general bid in each case.

So, the new price of this source will be $0.266.

If you’re wondering how let’s show it:

Campaign bid – $0.1 Source “3” bid + 33% = $0.1 + 33% = $0,133

Campaign bid – $0.2 // Source “3” + 33% = $0.2 + 33% = $0.266

All your changes on each separate source will be implemented even after you change a general bid.

This is why we are using relative values (%) to change the prices per source. This way, source 3 (from this example) will remain the source with the highest bid.

A general campaign bid is always taken as a reference point on which certain percentages are added accordingly to each separate source.

If you forgot how to change the bid per source, you can check it here.

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