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Synchronize your monetization strategies with your brand’s image by integrating sponsored content.


Powerful dashboard measuring all your reach

Integrate our piece of code and enjoy an amalgam of content coming from 50+ native ad networks.

A scientific approach to ad technology

We have tested, analyzed, and challenged the industry from within. Native ads are the result.

Boost advertising revenue with our AI-driven native ad tags

Advantages with Coinis one of the best native ad networks for publishers

Rake in higher revenues

We house countless premium brands who want a spot on your site.

Improve creative control

All our ad widgets are customizable for your convenience.

Magnetic visual appeal

Get more clicks, awareness, and overall better brand image.

Coinis Native Ad Formats

Where users will see your ads

Under-Article Widget

Stands below the article to arouse interest to read more similar content

In-Article Widget

Placed between paragraphs to give ideas about similar stuff to read

Sidebar Widget

Located on the sides (left or right) to catch the scanning eye

Smart News Feed

A mixture of your own content along with paid ads from us

Sticky Footer

The ever-following widget that sticks to your feed underneath

Sticky Right Corner

Shadowing users while they scroll and sitting to their right side

Coinis For Media Outlets

We support the means to elevate your business through meaningful content where you can take control and customize the user experience accordingly.

Gigantic traffic volume

+1.5B requests per day

Plenty earning models


AI Optimization

Stronger Performance

Transparent moderation

Real-time data tracking

No assistance required

Our self-serve platform means that you’re the master of your campaign and is accessible as soon as you fill out our simple one-page form.

In line with AdBlockers

Native ads align with AdBlocks, therefore multiplying your chances of earning higher income from your website.

Most profitable format

Native ads grab 40% more attention compared to other ad formats and average around $1-3 RPM.

Brand Safety Guaranteed

We carefully screen all partners and approve only content that comes from renown news media and verified demand partners.

Get paid weekly

We empower our publishers with 50+ payment options and weekly automated payments.

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These ads match the look of your content and match the media format in which they appear - and the joy about them is that they dont look like ads. They are non-disruptive and users usually engage with them.

With programmatic native advertising you will be able to customize the ads for the user and their interests. Our SSP will send requests on behalf of the publisher and the DSP responds with bids on behalf of the advertiser. The winning bid is selected and the native ad is sent to the targeted website and the user gets the ad they are interested in.

Native ads usually have an almost real article look, but when you look closely, they have a ‘Sponsored Content’ mark in the upper left or right corner. You may also see signs like: Recommended Content, Suggested Videos, Sponsored content, Promoted stories etc.

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