How it works

All our installations are managed by SmartInstall technology. SmartInstall optimizes the installation path to ensure high ROI on each install. It automatically selects the best possible payout for our publishers and the highest quality user for our advertisers. Coinis offers the SmartInstall³ technology for free to its partners.


Cross-Browser Monetization

To ensure having highest conversation rate possible for you, our team works hard to make sure your product has the best performance on all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Edge. Our installer performance is optimized, tested and carefully created for each browsers.

Traffic types

Software Traffic
Get best conversion ratio on software portals with any of our software.
Download traffic
Make use of our file downloader or landings for download traffic: enjoy a "100% traffic back" feature and get paid for installs!
Movie traffic
Are you running a movie portal? Use our landings for movie traffic for earnings going through the roof!
MP3 traffic
Make the most of your MP3 websites with landings, banners, download buttons, dynamically generated banners and even more stuff!

Why Coinis

  • Leader in PPI industry - We have partnered with more then 250 advertisers around the world to be able to give the high possible rates - world wide.
  • Amazing conversion rate, high payouts.
  • Powerful Dashboard – Our Advanced reporting can help you understand better your users and increase potential revenue.
  • Payouts – We provide good payout deals for our partners.