How to create a push campaign?

To create your first push campaign, login with your account details, and press “Start New Campaign”.

Here, you can start working on your campaign.

On the left side, there is a small navigation menu. On the right, there are all the informations about your current campaign.

First, you need to enter the campaign name. Let’s call it: “Your First Push Campaign”.

Then, choose campaign vertical. Please note that this field is only for description purposes, and DOES NOT have any impact on campaign performance.

Geo targetting

In geo targetting, you can choose which country you want to target. You can either choose one country, or worldwide (targetting all countries).

To see more about geo targetting, click here.

Device Type

Then, you can choose which device type you would like to target. You can choose if you want to target:

  1. Only mobile
  2. Only desktop
  3. Both mobile and desktop

Operating System

In geo targetting, you can choose which opreating system you want to target. To check targetting operating system in detail, click here.


In browser targetting, you can choose which browser you would like to target. To check browser targeting in detail, click here.

User freshness

User freshness on the Coinis Advertising Platform represents the time elapsed since the user has opted-in to receive push notifications.

It is essential to understand user freshness in the right way so that you can optimize your campaigns.

To check user freshness targetting in detail, click here.

To see why you should use more user freshness groups for the same targetting, click here.


In Timing section, you can choose during which hours during the day, you want your campaign to receive traffic, and in which hours you do not want.

To check timing section in detail, click here.

Frequency Capping

Frequency capping is a feature that determines how many times will an ad be shown to the same user in the given dataframe.

For example, if you set frequency cap like this:

this means that your ad will be shown to one user once in 24 hours.

After 24hours, your ad will be shown to the same user again.

On our platform you can choose to:

  1. not use frequency capping
  2. use frequency capping to cap 1 impression per one user in:
    • 6 hours
    • 12 hours
    • 18 hours
    • 24 hours

SubID & Placements

Excluding sources is a pretty easy task on Coinis Advertising Platform, because we made it so.

You can create:

  1. Global blacklist
  2. Local blacklist
  3. Excluding individual sources per campaign

In the first field, you can add all the lists you have previously create which you want to include/exclude. In the second field, you can add all the individual sources you want to exclude/include for the specific campaign.

To see in detail how to include/exclude sources, click here.

To see how to create local lists, click here.

To see how to create global blacklist, click here.

Additional targetting

IPs & ISPs

In additional targetting, you can select specific IP&ISPs addresses you want to target.

To do that, just click on “Target Specific IP & ISPs” and enter values you would like to target.

Device Manufacturers

Traffic types

You can also choose if you would like to target:

  1. Mainstream traffic
  2. Adult traffic
  3. Both traffic types

Budget & Bids

Under Budget & Bids you can set your bid. On the right side, you can see recommened bid, and by clicking on that, you can the recommended bid will be written in the bids section.

Under that, you can choose your monthly, daily or hourly budget.


To add new creatives, click on “Add New Creatives”.

To see in detail how to create up to 15 creatives, click here.

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