How can I start a campaign? I added zones, what is the next step?

You’ve selected an ad format that suits your website best? Well done! Since you’re here, it must mean that you completed the step of adding zones. Now, you need to add a code to connect your website to the Publisher platform and start a campaign. Only after you complete this step, the ads will start appearing on it.

When you add a zone and click Save and Get Tag, instructions that demonstrate to you how to add code (tag) for your website will appear. They will vary slightly depending on the ad format you choose, but in general, it is important to properly input the code you receive on the platform.

If you added a web push zone, there’s one extra step you need to do compared to other ad formats that are available on the platform. Click on Download file sw.js to download the file that appears and upload it to the root directory of your website.

Next Steps for Starting Your Publisher Campaign

After that, copy the tag shown below, and paste it at the end of your body tag. If you’ve set it correctly, the ads will start appearing on your website.

For other zones, simply copy and paste the code, as explained above.

If you have a WordPress website, you can use the Head & Footer Code plugin that helps you add custom code snippets (JavaScript, CSS, or HTML) to your website.

contextual ads

First of all, install and activate the plugin Head & Footer Code.

Go to Tools – You’ll see Head & Footer Code in WordPress Dashboard. 

Insert custom code to the FOOTER section 

Set your FOOTER PRIORITY 100. Other priorities will have 10 as a value. 

You’re all set. 

If you did everything correctly, the ads will start appearing on your website.

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