How do I add a push widget to my websites?

If you are having trouble adding a widget to your website, here are brief instructions on monetizing your website with our highly-converting ads.

When you register at Coinis Publisher Platform, you will get access to your dashboard to track your performance.

You can choose between the Push CPS model and Push Rev-share when you click on Zones. Push CPS models mean getting paid for each qualified subscriber who allows requests to receive notifications, and Push Rev-Share means having the ability to earn money per each impression from subscribers.

choose between push cps or push rev share
Coinis Publisher Platform: Ad format

When you choose between these two ad formats, start adding zone details:

  1. Zone Title – Enter the title for your zone. It will help you identify your performance in Statistics.
  2. Web Site where JS will be added – Please provide the website’s name where this .js file will be placed. You may put your entire website or just one page of your website. Putting the .js file on just one page of your website will affect that page, not the whole website.
  3. Set up additional settings for your website (HTTP-HTTPS)
  4. Also, set up additional settings for your website regarding Postback to track subscriptions. Postback URL allows us to fire a server-to-server pixel on your conversions so that you can track them independently. Add content locker: Enabling a content locker will prevent users from interacting with the site until they subscribe. Set up SmartLink to get additional monetization: If the user decides to block your notifications, they will be redirected to this link.
  5. Choose a frequency cap for this zone: Low (3 notifications per hour), Medium (6 notifications per hour), and High-frequency cap (12 notifications per hour)
  6. Then click on Create & Get Tag for your website.

how to insert push notification widget into my website
Coinis Publisher Platform: Step2 Creating a new Push Zone

If you are not quite familiar with how to add a tag on your website, follow these steps:

  1. Click on „Download file sw.js“ and upload the file to the root directory of your website. The same file with the same name must be added to the root directory of your website. You can not just copy the code without adding it to the root directory because the ads will not appear.
  2. Get tag means to paste this code at the end of your body tag. After you finish the second step, users can click anywhere on your page and get displayed ads according to the chosen frequency.

You are now good to go!

You can track zone performances on statistics available on your dashboard, setting a time range that suits you. You can filter statistics by date, country, operating system, browser, or zone.

How to target audience in detail with push widget
Coinis Publisher Platform: Statistics

In section columns, you have options to filter statistics by various segments.
Also, you can always edit the zone, pause the campaign, or delete it.

We have provided you with all the necessary information to successfully launch a push campaign on your website and start making significant profits from monetizing your product/s.

We wish you good luck and great success!

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